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Managing through Volatile Markets

Volatility is back. The stock market’s mostly smooth climb higher since 2012 was interrupted this past quarter with stock prices, at the worst point, declining by 10% over the course […]

The Role of Stocks in Meeting Your Income Needs

Many investors are concerned with how to secure a reliable and growing stream of income. At Goelzer Investment Management, we believe the key to meeting your income needs, now and […]

Too Much, Too Many

Since the start of the industrial revolution, people have worked to become proficient at mining, manufacturing, financing, and selling all types of goods. It became evident this past year that […]

Higher Interest Rates May Be Coming

Markets have a way of wearing people down. By moving in one direction or staying within a range over an extended period, markets convince people that the present trend is […]

Focusing on Your Earnings

The chart below shows both the monthly prices and forward 12-months earnings for the S&P 500 Index since January 2000. What the chart makes clear is the stock prices and […]

Low Interest Rates Require More Savings

Central bankers across the developed world continue to rely on low or even negative interest rates to spur economic growth. The resulting low returns on bank accounts and bonds, they […]

Recent Stock Market Rally — Too Far, Too Fast?

The U.S. stock market was both a volatile and rewarding place to invest in 2016. Thanks to a sharp year-end rally set off by the U.S. elections, stocks as measured […]

Managing Bonds When Interest Rates are Rising

“Higher interest rates may be coming.” That was the forecast we shared on these pages one year ago. Our forecast was based on expectations for higher inflation in the near […]

The Economics of Natural Disasters

Before starting this quarter’s discussion, I first want to extend from all of us at Goelzer our heartfelt sympathies to those who have suffered due to the terrible devastation caused […]

Our Long-Term Outlook

It’s not just people who like to take time off now and then. Apparently, volatility also enjoys some time off—at least that’s what this past year’s stock market performance would […]

The Spending Question

How much can I spend each year without depleting my portfolio? It’s a question we hear often from clients. While the question is simple, calculating the answer is not.   […]

Understanding Your Risk Capacity

We all face risks as investors. Stock market volatility, interest rate changes, and permanent loss of capital are just a few of the many risks we confront in pursuit of […]

Why Your Bonds Should Be Actively Managed

Investors have shown increasing acceptance of passive investment strategies. Meanwhile, funds that employ active strategies—that is, those with managers who strive to outperform their benchmarks—have lost market share to lower […]

Why Own Bonds?

The first three quarters of 2019 have produced unexpectedly strong results for bond investors. Slowing global economic growth, declining inflation expectations, and accommodative central bank policies have combined to push […]

What the markets are telling us

What is one to make of the markets over the past six months? First the stock market fell 20% and bond yields declined, both correctly predicting a slower economy. Then […]

Spending Guidelines for Institutional Investors

Most institutions rely on their investment portfolios to fund their budgets. From tuition assistance to basic operational assistance, these institutions have drawn on their investment funds to fulfill their missions. […]

Markets Soar in an Imperfect Economy

The stock market reminded us again this past year that a perfect economy is not required to push stock prices higher. Rather, prices climb on signs of incremental improvements. One […]

Goelzer Investment Management Welcomes Chris W. Cotterill as Chief Operating Officer

Goelzer Investment Management, an Indianapolis-based investment firm advising on assets in excess of $2.0 billion on behalf of institutional investors and private clients, is proud to announce the hiring of […]

A Message about the Market’s Reaction to Coronavirus

Given recent events, extreme volatility, and understandable concern, we want you to know we are very much present and assessing new information as it becomes available. We have a long-established […]

Maintain a Disciplined Approach

April 2020     Mitigation efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 are affecting the daily lives of people around the world. Some 2.6 billion people are now living under […]

Our Plan to Reopen Our Office Following the Recent Stay-at-Home Orders

New Laws and Tax Strategies for 2020

June 2020 Over the past six months, Congress has passed two new laws that affect retirement, charitable giving, and estate planning. The new laws known as the SECURE (Setting Every […]

The Importance of a Strong IPS

The Importance of Alternatives in Time of Crisis

The Recovery Begins

We’ll start with good news: the recession that began in February has already ended. That is not to say that the economy is back to where it was in January. […]

Indiana Sheriffs: Protecting Your Pension in Changing Times

How the CARES Act May Affect Your 2020 Taxes

October 2020 The CARES Act was passed in the spring in an effort to help Americans through the pandemic and ensuing economic turmoil. It also may provide a few additional […]

Abnormal Economy, Abnormal Markets

While still below January’s pre-pandemic level, the U.S. economy has made great progress since the lifting of lockdowns and restrictions. Yet today’s economy is far from normal and, in many […]

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