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Private Investors

When you become a client at Goelzer, you’re served by a team of experienced investment professionals. We are disciplined, thoughtful, and research-driven—aiming for a holistic approach and acting as good stewards of your financial resources.


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We pride ourselves on being client-centric, using planning-led solutions to deliver value. By managing your investments, we aim to help you achieve your goals, gain peace of mind, and feel more fulfilled.

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Our Investment Approach


about your goals and dreams


to uncover investment opportunities


in a portfolio that merges your goals with our research


to control risk while seeking positive returns


so you understand your portfolio and its performance


Our Services

As a client of Goelzer, you receive our full attention and guidance, which we deliver as a fiduciary.

Our Private Investor services are powered by Goelzer’s proprietary investment strategies.

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Portfolio Risk Assessment

Creating and maintaining a portfolio that meets your risk tolerance.

Retirement Needs and Readiness Analysis

Planning for a comfortable, fulfilling retirement.

Portfolio Analysis and Analytics

Continually assessing the performance of your investments.

Legacy Planning

Determining the future of your wealth and assets.

Charitable Giving Strategies

Making the largest impact while creating tax efficiency.

Fees are based on assets under management, with a minimum of $1 million. We have fixed advisory fees for certain services including financial planning. We never charge transaction fees or collect any product-related commissions.

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Our Team

Goelzer’s private investor specialists average over 30 years of experience, leveraging deep insights to best serve you.

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Private Investors

Case Studies

How Goelzer has helped private clients fulfill their goals

Client since 2010

Retiring Executive

Client since 1991

Fourth Generation Family

Client since 1999

Life After Divorce

Client since 2008

Professional Athlete

  • Retiring Executive

  • Fourth Generation Family

  • Life After Divorce

  • Professional Athlete

Client Needs:

  • The executive had realized a significant decline in his net worth due to a decline in the value of his employer’s stock price. He was facing a lengthy delay in his target retirement date as well as the prospect of a modest lifestyle in retirement.

  • Sought investment growth and portfolio rebalancing to protect wealth from further downside risk

  • Wanted to find a new trusted advisor to help realize his financial goals.

Goelzer Value Added:

  • The client hired Goelzer because he was familiar with its investment capabilities through his community service as the chairman of a not-for-profit’s investment committee.

  • Portfolio was reconstructed with the goal of improving the likelihood of having the wealth needed to reach the lifestyle he had envisioned.

  • Advised on how to handle stock options, including the timing and manner in which to exercise them.

  • Managed his concentrated stock position and established a periodic liquidation strategy that was compliant with company and SEC policies.


Client Needs:

  • Family group unexpectedly faced with investment and estate planning issues upon the passing of the family patriarch (a firm client) when the family is surprised to learn of his significant wealth

  • Beneficiaries were unaware and unprepared to inherit their relative’s sizable wealth

Goelzer Value Added:

  • Working with the family’s other professional advisors, Goelzer created a wealth transfer strategy to minimize the tax impact upon the death of the surviving spouse

  • Managed new portfolios designed to meet the specific needs of individual family members who had inherited large amounts of wealth


Client Needs:

  • Faced with the prospect of a new lifestyle after divorce, our client had concerns about every aspect of her financial standing and needed trustworthy investment advice

Goelzer Value Added:

  • Helped educate client and children on the importance of budgeting and saving

  • Devised a strategy to hedge capital gains and spread tax liability over time

  • Prepared a retirement and spending needs analysis and estimated future wealth projections

  • Set realistic spending expectations and redefined budget priorities

  • Constructed a well-diversified and tax efficient portfolio designed for growth as well as safety of principal


Client Needs:

  • Financial education

  • Savings plan

  • Tax-efficient portfolio management

  • Disability insurance

  • Portfolio structuring for long-term

Goelzer Value Added:

  • Portfolio tailored to client needs of long-term financial security

  • Client was also able to enjoy a lifestyle that provided for his income needs

  • Established tax-deferred savings “buckets” to help fund his retirement


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Case Studies
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Perspectives from
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