Gregory W. Goelzer

Chief Executive Officer

Goelzer Releases 2022 Community Engagement Report

December 12, 2022


Our core purpose is to Enrich the Lives of our Clients, Colleagues, and Community, and our 2022 Community Engagement Report highlights our many efforts this past year to enrich lives. Our report is now available to download.


In this report, you can read about our long-term commitment to the United Way of Central Indiana and our continued support of other non-profits through our donations, board service, and volunteer efforts. This year, we also highlight new contributions to dialogue in our community through our special panel discussion with non-profit leaders, panel discussions on ESG, and the insights we are sharing in publications including The Wall Street Journal.


In addition to the many examples of community engagement, we recognize our team members who received our Quarterly Excellence Award and team members for their long service to the firm. These kinds of recognitions, our employee stock ownership plan, and so much more support our efforts to be a great place to work for the top talent we attract and retain to serve our clients. Indeed, we are proud to have been selected for the Best Places to Work in Indiana award again this year and to have been selected among the Best Places to Work for Financial Advisers in a nationwide review.


Before we turn to the year ahead, we want to express our appreciation for our institutional clients that are improving outcomes in the communities they serve, and we thank our clients for the many referrals we receive throughout the year.


We hope this report gives you added inspiration to enrich lives in your community, and we look forward to engaging with you in the year ahead!