Gregory W. Goelzer

Chief Executive Officer

Goelzer’s Special Event with Moira Carlstedt, John Elliott, & Ann Murtlow


On November 29th, more than a hundred non-profit leaders, board members, and friends joined us for a special, moderated conversation with Moira Carlstedt, John Elliott, and Ann Murtlow that focused on the keys to successful non-profit leadership, the challenges ahead, and more.


If you were unable to join us for the event, we encourage you to watch our two-minute highlight video or watch the full video.


All of us at Goelzer and our audience left the event better informed and more inspired to make a difference through the non-profits we serve. We sincerely thank Moira, John, and Ann for sharing their insights with all of us!


For more information about Goelzer and The Goelzer Experience, we hope you will explore our website, review our 2022 Community Engagement Report, or contact us today.